• 40+ HIIT circuits
• Some circuits require equipment (e.g. dumbbells, kettlebells – NOT machines)
• Some circuits require no equipment – can be done at the gym, at home or whilst travelling!
• Full body, upper body focused and lower body focused circuits
• Instructional exercise notes and photos
• There is no time frame! You add these circuits into your workouts/workout split whenever you want to get a sweat on
• The guide will help you lean out/lose body fat whilst preserving muscle (AKA preserving that booty you worked so hard for)
• Works great when used simultaneously with my weightlifting guides – there is guidance on how to do this, but this guide can also be used by itself!
• Suitable for all experience types
• Nutrition guidance
• Supplement guidance
• Advice for motivation
• Guidance on how to achieve your goals through the guide
• Advice on how to fit the circuits into your personal workout splits
• Access to The Build & Burn Family Facebook group for support

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