Build & Burn 2.0 (JUST THE EBOOK)


  • 8 week full body gym guide (sequel to Build & Burn)
  • 5 day split – Lower x2, Upper x2, Cardio & abs x1
  • Warm up/glute activation/cool down/stretching
  • Bonus HIIT workouts
  • Bonus ab workouts
  • Bonus dance HIIT workouts
  • Upper body finishers
  • Lower body finishers
  • Upper/lower combo circuits
  • Livefitelle‚Äôs latest tips & tricks for achieving her physique
  • Combats the ultimate conundrum of building muscle whilst burning fat
  • Build a booty, sexy legs & sculpt your upper body
  • 150 pages of useful information
  • Instructional exercise notes and photos in a handy ebook
  • Suitable for all experience types
  • Nutrition guidance
  • How to calculate your macros
  • Healthy shopping list
  • Supplement guidance
  • Advice on how to stay motivated
  • How to achieve your goals through the guide
  • Workout split guidance to fit you
  • Access to The Build & Burn Family Facebook group
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